“Mediterranean cuisine is a hit at Mezzaterranean in Rancho Cucamonga”

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“Do you like experiencing fireworks? You might like to watch them but this place packs fireworks in your mouth like a whole nother experience. Put their hummus in my tummus anyday.

This little shop is small and gets busy real quick during rush hours, but nonetheless service is quick and completely on their A game.

I’d recommend the chicken kabab plate, substitute rice for the tahini salad upgrade. My goto!”

Jennifer W.

“Shawarma fries are one of the best things I ever ate! They are the perfect multi-cultural combination that is fusion cuisine at its finest. Everything is so delicious and fresh. Will have to come back soon!”

Kris A.

Family!  Yes, they treated me like family.

Now, there’s a funny story behind this review.  I guess I’ve been following the owner of this place around.   Years ago, he had a business in Monrovia and then he moved from there to Glendora and now to this location. So, Yes I’m following his good cooking from one place to the other and they do have excellent service.

While waiting for my delicious food, I had noticed that they had a new worker.  Obviously, they treated her well and involved her in some funny conversations.  I could see that everyone was cheerful and that this was a happy place to work at.

My food came out perfect.  I love this type of food and I especially love my food when everything fits into place.  Definitely a place I would come back to.”

Ron L.